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Just completed the soundtrack for Red on Yella, Kill a Fella planned for 2014 release. This one will be fun for any Spaghetti Western fans out there.


Interference launching today! Its available on Bandcamp
and iTunes. Also new video for Hover On A Wish

Take a listen to Interference:


Austin Deli reviews Interference
"Psych-flavored, ethereal shoegaze pop; kissed lightly with the flavor of dusty forsaken towns; these numbers come close to fulfilling the promise of the highly-respected brain-trust that is Candi and The Strangers. With ties to local favorites The Black Angels, Voxtrot, and The Octopus Project; the Constants + the Roses + Erik Wofford have generated this entity's third release with machinistic precision; successfully nailing the "Spaghetti Western Space Dream" they aimed for; and using some rather esoteric instrumentation (theremin, vibraphone, omnichord) and talent (the Tosca String Quartet) in the dealio. "


Download the first single from Interference, Building a Rocket. Videos coming soon!


Interference official release date is Feb 5, 2013! We hope there are some crazed instrumental psych indie people out there...

Man On A Mission: Richard Garriott's Road To The Stars
Man On A Mission The official soundtrack for the documentary tracking Richard's training and space flight to the ISS NOW AVAILABLE at La-la Land Records. This release features 6 tracks written by John and Samantha Constant performed by Candi and the Strangers and music from Austin composer Brian Satterwhite. The soundtrack was awarded the Park City Festival Silver for best impact in a documentary for the film.

We are currently working on an instrumental EP for release in early 2013 called Inteference. Stay tuned.


Thanks to Parker Posey for callin out the Candi and the Strangers song, "She Walks In Beauty"!


Man On A Mission: Richard Garriott's Road To The Stars premiered in NYC to a full house. Now available on iTunes and Amazon


Easy Listening Video Of The Day: Candi and The Strangers


New video for Glide out now.


Thank you to everyone who voted us as one of the Top 10 Best New Bands of 2010-2011 in the Austin Music Awards / Austin Chronicle!

| Reviews|

My Old Kentucky Blog
A few weeks back we shared a new spin on The Car's Moving In Stereo courtesy of devious Austin neo-new wavers, Candi & The Strangers, and I gotta admit, I'm really digging this band. Perhaps it has something to do with the way their music veers from Teutonic detachment to dreamy seduction in the bat of a heavily mascaraed eye. Maybe it's the way the paper-thin snare sounds resonate in my cranium.

Pop Matters
Candi and the Strangers are feeling nostalgic. They want to take you back, Back, BACK TO THE FUTURE! More specifically, the future as seen from the early '80s. Oh, what a view. Yes, they may take their name and design from Warhol and his factory Darlings, but their heart beats best to the pulse of 1981. Blondie, OMD, Human League, ABC, Soft Cell, Yazoo. Sprinkle a soupçon of the later models (Pulp, Ladytron, Goldfrapp) and Bob's your Auntie's live-in lover. Obviously, being 1981, 10th of Always boasts a trim nine tracks, and luckily all are good. The winning formula? KAPOW! Hit em with deadly radio slaying pop assassins straight off. BAM! At halftime, leap off the beaten path, go a tad 'trippy' and frankly 'wig out'. Convert those skeptics whilst delivering essential artistic depth! WHAM! Toss off a more amazin' pop gems seemingly effortlessly as if you could do this in your sleep. BOKKO! Deliver your brutal smackdown, the victorious n' epic kiss-off finale before completing a saucy lap of honour. People of Pop, 10th of Always knows this secret formula. No rehearsals, no breaks, no fucking around. Let's get down to business. This is it, tonight is forever. It's all happening, baby, and this is their happening.

Austin Sound
On their sophomore LP, Candi and The Strangers jives out powdery synth-pop blended with muted disco and causes one to beg, “More Moog.” 10th of Always purveys movement through space, and its done remarkably well through fleshly synthetic melodies and vibrantly blurred rhythms. Because of all the dripping fuzz and boomeranging reverb on 10th of Always it’s hard to know whether Samantha Constant is saying ‘glide’ or ‘dive.’ But somehow it doesn’t matter. Part of the fun of the album is the ambience, and part of the ambience is traveling on a space ship or Milky Way vessel, as the Strangers beckon, “welcome to my dream, relax and float downstream.” The album is true mood music — much like Al Green or Radiohead — it changes the tone of a room... It is in their brave navigation of sound, that Candi and the Strangers pulls off the space of Major Tom and the futuristic emotionalism of Air...

...this focused sophomore album by the potential breakout Austin dream-pop group is romantically adrift in the zero-gravity space-age fantasia of the late '60s and '70s. Coaxing similar vintage futurism to early Air and Ladytron, 10th of Always is all sleek, silvery lines and twinkling stars. Giving the voyage some bite and vibe are fuzzed edges and analog groans.

Texas Music Matters
It's all the subtleties on Candi and The Strangers' second full-length release, 10th of Always, that make it an irresistible poppy gem. There are just the right touches of shoegaze, new wave, indie and French pop-inspired moments that give it a seductive warmth and depth. And there are the sensuous vocals of the band's frontwoman Samantha Constant that bring it all together. Lovely pop perfection!

Get use to the familiarity of Candi and the Strangers. A Hollywood revolution (Google: Andy Worhol), legendary band (the Velvet Underground), and the widening influence of the “unfamiliars” in mainstream media, has cultured the band's style of music to be widely accepted. Candi and the Strangers' distinct sound is layered two-fold with a concoction of angelic voices overlaying the congruent harmonies of exuberant arrangements which include an under-layer of dynamic proportionate drum-lines, cathedral baptized organs, electric guitar, omnificent omnichord, and the vibrant vibraphone. Returning with their second album, “10th of Always,” they provide a prototype for cooking up a clever audio-visual motion sound. Mixing sub genres of pop music (ye'ye'), with alternative rock (shoegaze), and electronica among many other things, Candi and the Strangers can mosey along a path less traveled. With their unique musical sound, they can become an exclusive feature movie soundtrack band. Forecasts such as this fail to be far-fetched with the band already having won an award for applying a soundtrack to the documentary film Richard Garriott: Man On A Mission. “10th of Always” opens the imaginative ears to see silent screams. Don't blink. - 5 out of 5
...the band's sophomore album, is a cool and soothing dose of modern dream pop infused with subtle electronics. Although there are some traces of shoegazer pop here, the songs are actually much smarter than the term might imply...and the melodies are far beyond what one normally hears in the world of shoegazers. These songs are ultimately danceable and inviting...and the similarities to French pop are no mere accident.

A free download of this dreamy pop number has been floating around, a preview to the Austin, Texas quintet's new album, which drops in February 2011. Coming on like a modern-day Blondie, it's a dance song that progresses evenly at mid-tempo while the chill, sultry vocals both charm and disarm.


Candi and the Strangers
Candi and the Strangers
Photograph by House of Constant
Candi and the Strangers
Photograph by Amy & Scott Ryder
Candi and the Strangers
Photograph by Amy & Scott Ryder
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